Spring Has Sprung: Innovative Green Architecture in the UK

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It’s Easter, and frankly We’ve felt spring in the air since February! What better way to celebrate the green coming back to the UK than by celebrating some of the green that we could be building soon?

These are some of the most innovative and dramatic green architectural projects and concepts in the UK, and they certainly make us long for warmer times. Take a look for yourself:


This uniquely parklike skyscraper concept comes from UK architects T. R. Hamzan & Yeang Sdn. Bhd.



Somewhat similar, but a bit more practical, this concept from Vincent Callebaut sports a passive geothermal heating and cooling system, designed to all but eliminate its carbon footprint.



Next, we see how the Hobbits are living. It seems those movies did pay well. But all kidding aside, semi-underground homes like this virtually eliminate the need for heating and cooling. Not a bad concept, so long as you’re not prone to flooding.



Of course, green architecture is not only for the outside of our homes and offices. This example shows how even a vertical wall surface can be transformed into a living work of art (which also does a lot to eliminate interior air pollution). Best of both worlds.



While beautiful, I don’t see this one popping up in London any time soon. Does it remind anyone else of Logan’s Run?



This is a much more practical version. An allotment for every flat. If the roof harvests rainwater (or greywater?) to sustain it, buildings like this could really make a difference.



But green architecture is not solely a high tech, futuristic idea. This idyllic farmstead shows how they used to rock ‘green’ oldschool.



This concept for a school certainly is dramatic. I admit, it adds up to a great deal of green space, but where is the footie pitch?



This ‘green screen’ from Klein Dytham Architecture is actually installed in Tokyo, but I can imagine quite a few places in London that would be improved by it.



Ok, I think we’ve gone too far, here. Have we learned nothing from the Three Little Pigs?