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Why take the CSCS Test?

Passing the CSCS Test shows that you have a thorough understanding of the heath and safety procedures you need to know to get a CSCS Card, making a safe and secure working environment on site. The test you take will be tailored to your individual trade and skill set so all of the questions will be relevant to your activities on site.

What Revision Material is There?

There is a CSCS revision book and DVD to help you study for your CSCS Test. The CSCS revision material that you choice should depend on how you learn best. The CSCS revision DVD is very a very useful tool as it lets you get used to the feel of the test before you sit it. We have found that the highest pass rates are achieved by people who use both the CSCS revision book and DVD.

Revision Material Helps you Pass

While you may feel ready to take your CSCS Test it is always a good idea to brush up on your knowledge before you are tested and to get used to the sort of questions you will be asked. There is a very significant different between the pass rates of people who study with CSCS revision material and those who don't. We have found that 60% of people who attempt the CSCS test without CSCS revision material fail and that 80% who do use CSCS revision material pass.

CSCS Mock Test DVDs

The CSCS revision DVD allows you to sit a Health Safety & Environment mock test on your own computer before you take the actual test so that you can get used to the test format and revise any areas you might need to brush up on. You can get an Operative and Specialist test DVD or Managerial and Professional (MAP) test DVD; each versions has answers to all the questions for the relevant test and allows you to do mock tests.

Both DVDs are in English but the Operative and Specialist test DVD has a voiceover option in different languages: Welsh, Bulgarian, Czech, German, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Romanian or Russian. No voiceover is available for the Managerial & Professional test DVD

CSSC Test Revision Books

There are also two Health Safety & Environment test revision books, available only in English. One book has answers to questions for the Operatives and Specialists tests and the other covers revision material for the Management & Professional (MAP) test.

CSCS Test Questions

Both the CSCS revision book and CSCS revision DVD contain all of the questions that you could possibly be asked on in your CSCS Test.

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