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FAQ: Construction (CSCS) Cards

What is the CSCS cards?

A CSCS card proves that you have the industry recognised level of safety and efficiency working in a construction environment. The cards are colour coded to illustrate your industry competencies.

How long is the CSCS card valid for?

CSCS cards are usually valid for five years with the exception of red Graduate, Trainee and Temporary Experienced Worker cards.

Why do I need a CSCS card?

cscs cardsEvery person wishing to work on a construction site needs to have a CSCS card as construction can be a dangerous industry to work in. The cards shows employers you can work on site safely and competently.

Some employers will let you work on site without a card as long as you can prove you’ve passed your test. This is rare however.

How long does it take to get a CSCS card?

how long cscs cardOnce you’ve passed your Health, Safety and Environment & Test you’ll be sent an application form via recorded delivery within 2-3 weeks. After you’ve filled it in and sent it back to us, it shouldn’t take more than 10 days for it to be processed and a card to arrive at your home.

Do I need to pass the test to get a CSCS card?

Yes, you can’t get a CSCS card until you’ve passed the CSCS Health, Safety & Environment Test.

What if I lose my CSCS card/registration certificate?

If you lose your CSCS card you can apply for another one depending on whether it’s still valid. If it isn’t you’ll have to retake the health and safety test.

Call us on 0203 051 1004 for more details.

Can I hold multiple CSCS cards simultaneously?

Yes you can, as some jobs require two different types of proof. You may have a job needing a card to prove you can work with heights as well as a skilled worker card for a specific construction skill.

How can I get a CSCS card?

Before you do anything you’ll need to book a Health, safety & environment test. After that you can apply for a CSCS card. You can call 0203 051 1004 to book a test and find out more information.

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