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What is the CISRS Card?

Workers in the Scaffolding sector require The Construction Industry Scaffolders Record Scheme Card, or the CISRS. The CISRS Card proves that you are competent to the level specified by the card and that you have passed the relevant CSCS Health, Safety & Environment Test. It is becoming increasingly important for scaffolders to have valid CISRS Cards as more and more employers are requiring them and finding work without one is difficult.

Types of CISRS Cards

Labourer CISRS Card

Green CISRS CardA Labourer CISRS Card is primarily issued to non-scaffolders who assist with scaffolding procedures on site. Even if the labourer remains on the ground, i.e. not working at height, throughout the period that the works are carried out they should still apply for a CISRS card.

Possession of the CISRS card will allow all scaffold related labourers to be permitted on to site when working for employers and/or clients who demand a fully CSCS qualified workforce.

Candidates wishing to apply for the CISRS Labourer card will need to sit the CSCS Health, Safety & Environment Test and provide an employer endorsed application form. The Labourer CISRS card is valid for 5 years and it is renewable.

Trainee CISRS Card

Red CISRS CardNew entrants into the scaffolding industry scheme will be eligible for the Trainee Scaffolder CISRS card. This card will be issued to candidates who are working towards a nationally recognised qualification. The card is valid for 18 months, during this time candidates must complete at least 6 months practical involvement

The candidates must apply for and complete at least the first part of their national qualification.

If the candidate has not completed their training or qualification in full by the end of the 18 months they can apply for a second Trainee CISRS card, which lasts a further 18 months. However if the candidate fails to complete the qualification when the second trainee card expires they cannot renew the card. In order to be successful in the Trainee Scaffolder CISRS Card application process the candidate must have sat and passed the CSCS Health, Safety & Environment Test.

Scaffolder CISRS Card

Blue CISRS CardCandidates wishing to apply for the Scaffolder CISRS card must hold the relevant national qualification, formal training and experience in order to be successful. The candidate will also need to have passed the CSCS Health, Safety & Environment Test, which for scaffolders will include the working at height section.

If all requirements are met CISRS card will be issued and valid for 5 years.

Advanced CISRS Card

Gold CISRS CardTo obtain an Advanced Scaffolder CISRS card candidates must meet a higher standard of criteria. Candidates must have held the Scaffolder CISRS card for at least 1 year. Candidates must also have undertaken a more advanced national qualification as well as a higher level or formal training;

Also, candidates must be prepared to do so before they are issued with the Advanced card.

Finally candidates will be required to sit a tailored CSCS Health, Safety & Environment Test, which will include the working at height section.

Supervisor CISRS Card

Applications for the Supervisor CISRS card will require candidates to hold/meet all the pre-requisites mentioned above for the Scaffolder and Advanced Scaffolder CISRS cards.

In addition to the prior experience and qualifications the acquisition of the Supervisory CISRS card requires the candidate to complete a formal Supervisory training course and sit the CSCS Supervisor Level Health, Safety & Environment Test.

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