Asbestos & Demolition Courses

What is NTDG?

The NTDG works with the CITB and a few other organisations to certify that demolition workers have both the necessary work skills and the minimum safety training to do their jobs.

Asbestos & Demolition Safety Awareness

This training focuses on understanding and mitigating the dangers inherent in working with asbestos in a demolition context. It is suitable both for hands-on demolition workers as well as anyone who will be managing or supervising such workers.

This qualification is necessary for anyone who wishes to apply for a Green (Trainee) CCDO card, and meets all CCDO standards for this level of safety training.

Why Should I Take the Asbestos & Demolition Safety Awareness Course?

As mentioned above, you will need to take some kind of specialised asbestos safety class before you can earn a CCDO Card, and you will almost certainly require refresher training form time to time after that. Even more important, though, is having the skills you will need to handle this potentially deadly substance without putting yourself, your co-workers or the public as a whole at risk!

Asbestos Awareness

This class focuses on awareness and recognition of asbestos risks that even non-demolition workers need to be safe around this dangerous substance.

It is of use to anyone who may possibly come into contact with asbestos in their work, especially carpenters, plumbers and electricians, as well as to those working directly in the fields of refurbishment or demolition.

Why Should I Take the Asbestos Awareness Course?

Asbestos is a concern for a great many types of workers, not only those specifically working in demolition or renovation. Any type of builder, plumber, electrician, inspector or handyman might suddenly find themselves vulnerable to asbestos exposure. The truth is, even a small mistake handling (or just working near) this material can result in long term health effects up to and including death.

Simply put, you owe it to yourself and your family to know what to look for, and how to minimise your risk and exposure!

Last updated: Wednesday 04 July 2018 14:26:07