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Site Safety Plus Scheme

Site Safety Plus is a health and safety training and recognition scheme that was created by CITB, and is delivered by many different CITB-approved training centres. The scheme consists of many different courses, each appropriate for construction employees, operatives or managers at distinct levels of responsibility and supervision.

Broadly speaking there are three categories of Site Safety Plus classes:

  1. Beginner-level courses designed to teach construction-site appropriate health and safety awareness, in preparation for the Health and Safety Test
  2. Intermediate level courses designed for those who have recently become supervisors, or who anticipate becoming responsible for the supervision and safety of one or more subordinates in the near future
  3. Advanced level courses for higher level supervisors or those who will be taking on the more extensive responsibilities of site managers.

All courses delivered as part of the Site Safety Plus scheme must be delivered by providers who are accredited by CITB.

Why Should I Take a CITB Site Safety Plus Course?

Simply put, pursuing a career in the UK construction industry without an established HS&E certification would be very difficult, if not impossible.

The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007 require all employers in the UK’s construction industry to ensure any employees hired are competent, including having proper HS&E training. The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 also gives employers the duty to provide this training, and to repeat it periodically. Many employers will require Site Safety Plus certification before you can begin work in certain roles, or before you can be promoted either internally or externally.

How do I know which Site Safety Plus course to take?

That depends chiefly on the level of responsibility your current or hoped-for role calls for. Each course addresses needs at particular levels, and gives students the skills and experience they need to see to both their own safety, and to ensure that of their co-workers and subordinates (if any).

Last updated: Tuesday 19 June 2018 15:57:28