Fire Marshal Courses

What is HABC?

The Highfield Awarding Body for Compliance (HABC) is the leading organisation awarding regulatory compliance certification in both the UK and the Middle East. They work with training centres all over the world to teach attendees the skills and knowledge they need to comply with health and safety regulations, and regulatory structures of all kinds.

Fire Marshal Training Programme

A Fire Marshal (or Fire Warden) is a worker or member of staff who has special fire safety and awareness training. They are typically responsible for overseeing and assisting in the prevention, detection of and evacuation from fire in the workplace.

The training involves classroom study designed to help the student recognise and mitigate the risks of fire breaking out, to ensure a safe and orderly evacuation in case of fire, and to keep the office, business or other organisation in full compliance with all relevant fire safety regulations.

Why Should I Take Fire Marshal Training?

It is strongly recommended that every work place have one (and preferably more than one) employee who is trained in fire safety awareness. This not only ensures that the workplace is better able to remain in compliance with fire regulations, it ensures that someone is on hand in the case of a fire breaking out who can help their co-workers or employees evacuate the building or worksite in a calm and orderly manner. The key to saving lives in an evacuation is avoiding panic, and the key to avoiding panic is proper training.

As such, most employers will be keen to hire (or keep on) members of staff who have had fire safety and awareness training recently, and can act as a Fire Marshal in addition to their regular duties. Most operations will require at least one such Fire Marshal per shift, and many will require one per shift per evacuation staging area.

How do I know which Fire Safety Awareness course to take?

HABC Level 1 Award in Fire Safety Awareness

This course is ideal for those with little or no previous fire safety awareness training, or those who have had training long ago and wish to take a ‘refresher’ course. It is also an excellent starting off point for a more comprehensive fire or worksite safety programme.

HABC Level 2 Award in Fire Safety Awareness

This is a more in-depth course for those who have already passed the Level 1 course or its equivalent. It is perfect for those at the manager or supervisor level, who have responsibility for overseeing others. It focuses more on regulatory compliance and ensuring workplace fire safety on a group level.

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