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What is the JIB Card?

The JIB Card is a nationally recognised trade wide accreditation for all Plumbing related jobs. Your JIB Card is affiliated with CSCS, which means that your Card acts as a CSCS Card for your trade. The JIB Card documents your current qualifications and is colour coded so your employers can see what Level of Plumbing NVQ you have achieved.

How Does the JIB Card Work?

Your JIB Card contains all the information your employer needs to know: your Plumbing NVQ Level; and about your Health and Safety certification. All the information on your JIB Card (photograph, name and expiry date included) is tied to your registration number. An employer can use your registration number to check that you are who you say you are, and that you have achieved the qualifications listed on the back of your Card.

How Do I Get a JIB Card?

The JIB Card is awarded to Plumbers and Construction Workers in the PHMES (Plumbing, Heating and Mechanical Engineering Services) trades, once they have achieved the Plumbing NVQ Level which is right for the colour of JIB Card they need. In order to qualify for your JIB Card you will need to have passed the JIB Test.

What Kinds of JIB Cards Are There?

The colours of JIB Cards are related to the Plumbing NVQ Levels held by their owners. The main JIB Card colours are Red, Green, Blue, Gold, and Platinum.

Blue JIB CardRed and Green JIB Card Red and Green JIB Cards denote Plumbing NVQ Level 1. A Red Card signifies that its holder is a Trainee, while a Green JIB Card shows that its owner is qualified in basic site skills only.

Gold JIB CardBlue and Gold JIB Card Blue and Gold JIB Cards denote Plumbing NVQ Levels 3 and 4. A Blue Card is for a Skilled Worker. A Gold Card is for a Supervisor.

Platinum JIB CardPlatinum JIB Card The Platinum JIB Card is for Managers and requires a Plumbing NVQ (or related Construction NVQ, dependent on trade) Level 5.

What Happens If I Lose My JIB Card?

If you lose your JIB Card, or if your current Card has expired, Construction Support Line can arrange for your replacement or renewal application.

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