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What is the SKILLcard?

The aim of the SKILLcard scheme is to allow cardholders access to all UK construction sites, to provide industry-recognised skills, qualifications and competence, to improve health and safety knowledge and awareness on site, and finally confirmation of the cardholders professionalism.

Who is the SKILLcard For?

The SKILLcard's cover occupations relating to heating, ventilation, refrigeration, air conditioning and other specialty trades associated to the building services industry; such as domestic heating and ductwork. The SKILLcard also covers supervisory and managerial roles. Like the CSCS card, the SKILLcard is colour coded and represents all levels of competency and experience.

Red SKILLcard

Red SKILLcardIf you are a Trainee registered for a nationally recognised qualification you will apply for the Red SKILLcard and on completion of your qualification you will be expected to apply for the Blue or Gold SKILLcard depending upon the qualification level achieved. The Red Trainee SKILLcard is valid for five years and is non-renewable.

Green SKILLcard

Green SKILLcardIf you are an unskilled worker, like a Mate or a Service Assistant, the Green SKILLcard will be the one you need. This SKILLcard requires no formal qualifications but all candidates need to pass the HVACR Test. The Green SKILLcard is renewable upon application and is valid for 5 years.

Blue SKILLcards

Blue SKILLcardBlue Craft SKILLcard
The Blue Craft card for skilled workers who hold either a national qualification; a City and Guilds craft certificate or an industry accreditation. Candidates need to pass the HVACR Test.

Blue SKILLcardBlue Craft SKILLcard
The Experienced Worker SKILLcard is also Blue and like the CSCS Experienced worker card this is designed for candidates who have lots of practical experience but have missed their qualification.

To gain this card you must be ready to register and undertake a national qualification and you will need to pass the HVACR Test.

Blue SKILLcardBlue Refrigeration/Air Conditioning Technician/Engineer SKILLcard
Finally there is a Blue Refrigeration/Air Conditioning Technician/Engineer SKILLcard. This card is affiliated with the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Industry Board (ACRIB)

All candidates applying for this card must hold qualifications or accreditations in the refrigeration and/or air conditioning discipline. This card is also available at Gold level if a higher qualification/accreditation has been achieved.

Gold SKILLcard

Gold SKILLcardGold SKILLcards include the Advanced Craft card, which is valid for 5 years and requires a higher level of national qualification/accreditation. The Gold Supervisory SKILLcard is designed for workers who are employed in a supervisory/managerial role. Pre-requisites for this card vary depending upon job title.

Black SKILLcard

Black SKILLcardThe Black Manager SKILLcard is aimed at highly competent managers fulfilling a managerial role in a certain sector. To gain the managerial SKILLcard you will need a high level of competency, a high level of national qualifications and lots of experience.

All candidate applying for supervisory or managerial cards will need to pass the CSCS Managerial and Professional Health, Safety & Environment Test; also known as MAP.

White/Dark Green (CRO) SKILLcards

The White CRO covers ancillary occupations which relate to ventilation, refrigeration, heating or air conditioning but include work of a specialist kind. This specialist work will be backed up by the relevant national qualification.

The Dark Green CRO also covers ancillary occupation but it is designed for candidates who hold a specialist skill but the skill is so rare or so expert that a back-up national qualification does not presently exist. As with all CSCS Affiliated cards candidates will need to pass the HVACR Test.

White/Yellow SKILLcard

Finally the White/Yellow Professionally Qualified Person's (PQP) SKILLcard is designed for Building Services Engineers who have gained the membership standards of the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) and can provide proof that they are sustaining their Continuing Professional Development. PQP candidates will also need to pass the HVACR Test.

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