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What is a CSCS Card?

A CSCS Cards is the most important qualification in construction. A CSCS Card shows that you have the skills required to work well in your trade and that you have the Health and Safety knowledge needed to work safely. CSCS Cards are graded by a colour system, the CSCS Card you qualify for depends on your level of training, experience, courses and qualifications.

Your CSCS Card will be specific to your trade and will also contain relevant information about you on its computer chip so that the information can be checked on site. Currently about 80% of UK Construction sites require all workers to have a CSCS Card.

How do I get a CSCS Card?

When you have the qualifications needed for a specific CSCS Card you will have to sit a CSCS Health, Safety & Environment Test which will test you on health and safety issues relevant to your trade. Once you have passed the test you will be eligible for a CSCS Card and can apply for one.

What other cards can I get?

We provide construction professionals with a wide range of skill cards including:

CSCS CardsConstruction Related Occupation (White/Grey), Professionally Qualified Person (PQP White/Yellow) and the Yellow Visitor card.

JIB CardsCards for those in the plumbing industry including the Blue JIB Card.

Which type of CSCS card do I need?

Green CSCS Card Green (Labourer) CSCS Card The Green CSCS Card is issued to labourers and requires you pass one of these courses:

Red CSCS Card Red CSCS Card There are 6 types of Red CSCS Card - Trainee (Craft & Operative), Trainee (TSM), Experienced Worker, Experienced TSM, Provisional and Apprentice. Red CSCS Cards are usually issued while workers are in further education or are working towards an NVQ.

Blue CSCS Card Blue CSCS Card The Blue CSCS Card requires a Level 2 NVQ/SVQ or an City & Guilds Craft certificate. You must also pass the Health, Safety & Environment Test which is relevant to your trade to get this CSCS Card.

Gold CSCS Card Gold CSCS Card To get a Gold CSCS Card you must have an indentured apprenticeship or an NVQ/SVQ Level 3. There are both Skilled worker and Supervisor Gold CSCS Cards, you must pass either the Health, Safety & Environment Test relevant to your trade or the Supervisor test.

Black CSCS Card Black CSCS Card The Black CSCS Card is for managers. This CSCS Card requires an NVQ/SVQ of Level 4 or above and the successful completion of a Managerial and and Professional Health, Safety & Environment Test.

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