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What is a CSCS Card?

A CSCS Cards is the most important qualification in construction. A CSCS Card shows that you have the skills required to work well in your trade and that you have the Health and Safety knowledge needed to work safely. CSCS Cards are graded by a colour system, the CSCS Card you qualify for depends on your level of training, experience, courses and qualifications.

Your CSCS Card will be specific to your trade and will also contain relevant information about you on its computer chip so that the information can be checked on site. Nearly all employers in the UK will require new staff members to already hold an appropriate CSCS card before they can be hired to work on-site. This is often the case before even being considered suitable for an open position within the construction industry.

How do I get a CSCS Card?

When you have the qualifications needed for a specific CSCS Card you will have to sit a CSCS Health, Safety & Environment Test which will test you on health and safety issues relevant to your trade. Once you have passed the test you will be eligible for a CSCS Card and can apply for one.

What other cards can I get?

We provide construction professionals with a wide range of skill cards including:


Construction Related Occupation (White/Grey), Professionally Qualified Person (PQP White/Yellow) and the Yellow Visitor card.

JIB Card

Cards for those in the plumbing industry including the Blue JIB Card.


The CCDO Card is designed for demolition operatives, to ensure their safety in the workplace. There are a range of cards, from the Green Labourer, up to Demolition Manager.


The CISRS Card is designed to uphold high safety standards amongst scaffolding workers and others working at height. Cards include Green, Red, Blue, Gold and White, with variations depending on the individual’s role.


SKILLcards are issued to those within the engineering services, maintaining a level of high quality safety standards. Cards include Green, Red, Blue, Gold and Black.

What if my Qualifications were earned in another country?

For those with a qualification from a country outside of the UK, you can appeal to UK NARIC to have them recognised and from there apply for a CSCS Card. To apply you will need to include the UK NARIC certificate and accompanying supporting letter, a copy of your CV and original certification, alongside a full description of the tasks you currently undertake on site, or will do. You must also choose one specific occupation to be endorsed on the CSCS Card.

How Long is a CSCS Card Valid For?

There are different lengths of validity depending on the type of card you acquire, ranging from 6 months up to five years. You can check the specific detail and entry requirements within the information for each card.

Which type of CSCS card do I need?

Green CSCS Card Green CSCS Card

There are two types of Green CSCS Card – Labourers and Basic Skills. The Basic Skills card is intended for trainees and new staff members who have not yet gained an NVQ higher than Level 1. For Labourers the card is issued once you have passed one of these courses:

The Green (Basic Skills) CSCS card is intended for trainees and new hires, or any other junior workers who have not yet gained an NVQ higher than Level 1.

Red CSCS Card Red CSCS Card

There are 5 types of Red CSCS Card – Trainee, Experienced TSM, Experienced Worker, Provisional and Apprentice. Red CSCS Cards are usually issued while workers are in further education or are working towards an NVQ.

Blue CSCS Card Blue CSCS Card

The Blue CSCS Card requires a Level 2 NVQ/SVQ or an City & Guilds Craft certificate. You must also pass the Health, Safety & Environment Test which is relevant to your trade to get this CSCS Card.

Gold CSCS Card Gold CSCS Card

To get a Gold CSCS Card you must have an indentured apprenticeship or an NVQ/SVQ Level 3. There are both Skilled worker and Supervisor Gold CSCS Cards, you must pass either the Health, Safety & Environment Test relevant to your trade or the Supervisor test.

Black CSCS Card Black CSCS Card

The Black CSCS Card is for managers. This CSCS Card requires an NVQ/SVQ of Level 4 or above and the successful completion of a Managerial and and Professional Health, Safety & Environment Test.

How Long Will It Take To Receive a CSCS Card?

Once we have received all relevant documentation and paperwork after you have passed application, your CSCS Card will be sent to you within 30 working days.

What Do I Do If I Lose My Card?

You can apply for a duplicate card to be sent out if your original card was still valid. This will be sent without any extra testing or certification required.

How Do I Renew My Card?

There are two options you can typically take when renewing a CSCS Card:

Industry Accreditation (Renew without Qualifications)

For Blue, Gold or Black CSCS Cards that are marked ‘Industry Accreditation’ on the back, you can renew these by retaking the appropriate HS&E test, unless they have been expired for over 6 months.

Typical Renewal (with Qualifications)

The same process as when applying for a new card, you will have to take the relevant HS&E test again, but the process is a simple one.

For those looking to renew a temporary Red CSCS Card it can be a little complicated. Please call us for more details to resolve this situation.

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