Construction NVQ

What is the Construction NVQ?

The Construction NVQ is a nationally recognised qualification that measures your competence and skill in your chosen construction role. You can achieve increasing NVQ Levels as your time in the job, your skills and your problem solving abilities increase. Your Construction NVQ is also designed to measure your Health and Safety awareness.

How Can I Get My Construction NVQ?

Your Construction NVQ is assessed on site, so you can earn while you are learning. Construction Support Line sends a qualified Assessor to your place of work. Your On Site Assessor watches you work and marks your competence against the Construction NVQ criteria. When he or she has seen enough evidence to award you a pass at the appropriate Level, you will have achieved your Construction NVQ.

How Long Will I Be Assessed for Before I Get My Construction NVQ?

The assessment period for your Construction NVQ depends on the NVQ Level you are studying to achieve. The higher the Level, the longer your assessment will take. On average, On Site Assessment for a Construction NVQ Level 2 takes a single day. On Site Assessment for a Construction NVQ Level 3 or above takes more time because you are being examined on a greater number of units. The total amount of time your Construction NVQ should usually take is: one week for NVQ Level 2; and one to three weeks for NVQ Levels 3, 4 and 5.

Do I Need To Have Any Prior Qualifications Before I Start a Construction NVQ?

No - but you do have to hold a pass in the Construction NVQ Level prior to the one you are looking to achieve. So applicants looking to achieve a Construction NVQ Level 2 must first have passed their NVQ Level 1; and applicants that need to attain the Construction NVQ Level 4 must first have passed NVQ Level 3 in their chosen trade.

How Does My Construction NVQ Qualify Me For a CSCS Card?

The Construction NVQ is a prerequisite for advanced CSCS Cards. You’ll need to achieve the NVQ Level required by your CSCS Card and pass the CSCS Health, Safety & Environment Test.

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