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What is the CSCS Test?

Commonly known as the CSCS Test, the CITB Health, Safety, and Environment Test is an exam that is taken on a touch-screen computer at a registered testing centre.

It consists of a series of multiple choice questions, much like when you take your driving theory test, and it will contain questions based on the health, safety, and hazards that are relevant to your trade. It also contains behavioural case study and core knowledge questions. The test is one that has been designed to help reduce accidents in the workplace, and also improve safety awareness when working onsite.

Why Do I Need to Pass the Exam?

You need to pass the exam in order to qualify for a CSCS card and finish the application process. While a CSCS card is not a legislative requirement, most sites will require that you have a valid one in order to start work, as it shows you have the right training and qualifications to get the job done safely and efficiently. Passing the Health, Safety, and Environment test also shows that you have sound knowledge of what you should and should not be doing when you are working onsite. Therefore, it is essential that you pass the exam if you want to get a good and reputable job.

What Can I Do to Pass the Test First Time?

Revision and practice are the key elements to success when it comes to passing the Health, Safety, and Environment on the first try. There are loads of great revision and test apps that you can download for practice while on the move, helping you to ensure that you complete the test (and pass) within the time limit.

There is also an official CSCS revision book and mock test that you can purchase online or at practically any bookstore. These are incredibly informative and contain everything you need to know in order to pass your test. While there is a load of approved apps, using the official resources as well is always a good idea.

How Long is the Test Valid for?

The test is valid for two years after the pass date, so you have a little time to finish applying for your CSCS card after you take the exam. However, if you do not apply for your CSCS card within the two year period, you will have to book and take the test again if you want to proceed.

There are some cases where the need for a Health, Safety, and Environment test are exempt, and they are as follows:

  • You have achieved the applicable NVQ or SVQ in the past two years (new applications only)
  • You hold a SOLAS card
  • You are applying for an apprentice card and have already completed the relevant health and safety courses/material (proof required)

How Do I Book the Health and Safety Test?

Booking the Health, Safety, and Environment test is actually very easy, and all you need to do is fill the form on this page in with the relevant information, and complete the online booking application. If you have any questions, or need help with the booking process, feel free to call us at any time and we will do our best to help you.

Which Test Should I Book?

The level of Health, Safety, and Environment test that you take in order to get your CSCS card will depend on the type of card that you are applying for. When you book online, it is easy to select the one that goes with your skills and trade, but if you get stuck at any point, feel free to contact us so that we can help you out.

How Long Does the Test Take?

The health and safety test will take 45 minutes and consists of 50 questions, meaning that you need to answer quickly when you are taking it. There are plenty of practice tests that you can take to help you speed up and keep within the time limit, which is important as you need to answer 47/50 questions correctly in order to pass. Of course, there are facilities and adjustments that can be made for applicants with specific needs.

What Happens if I Fail the Exam?

Not everyone passes the Health, Safety, and Environment test the first time, and if you fail there is nothing to worry about as you can take it again. However, it is important to note that you will have to wait 90 days before you can retake the exam. You can rebook immediately after failing though, as long as the new date falls after the 90-day window.

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CITB's "Setting Out" Video
All CSCS tests include 12 behavioural case study questions, based on the principles explained on CITB's "Setting Out" video, which you need to watch before you take your test.
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