CITB Revision Book

What is the CITB Revision Book?

The revision book that CITB release every year is filled with up to date information that reflects things like changes to legislation as well as new test question formats and styles. It is packed full of everything you need to know about health, safety, and the environment so that you can pass your test and get your CSCS card. The books can be bought online or from your local bookstore.

Which Version Do I Need?

You will need the 2018 version in order to revise effectively for your test, as June 1st marks the date for the test to be updated and the new books required. They are already widely available, but make sure you are picking the right one up as some places may still be selling the outdated versions. Here are the relevant product codes for each book so that you know you have the right one:

Anything that ends with 17 or lower in the product code is outdated, so double check before you buy to ensure you have the best chance of passing.

Operatives and Specialists Contents

This book contains all of the revision material you need in order to pass the tests associated with operatives and specialists, and it comes with example tests as well as behavioural case studies for you to look at and familiarise yourself with. Each of the demonstrations in the book is similar to what you will have in the actual test, so it is a great way to practice and get used to the format.

You will find that the behavioural studies are based on the Setting Out video, and each of the core knowledge question areas is covered within the book as well. Aside from the general test questions that you can expect to see, it also covers each of the specialist activities so that you can be fully prepared regardless of your role. Here are the specialist areas covered:

Managers and Professionals Contents

Just like the book for operatives and specialists, the one made for managers and professionals contains everything that you will need to know in order to pass your test and get on with the job you want to do. Of course, the content is different, so it is important to make sure you pick the right book up before you start studying.

The behavioural case studies in this book are also based on the Setting Out film, and there are a number of practice questions and examples for you to read through and familiarise yourself with. It also has the core knowledge questions included so that you get used to the format and style, with the addition of specialist activities to help ensure that you do the best you can. After all, just like the previous group, there are specific roles here too:

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