IOSH Courses

What is IOSH?

The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health is the world’s largest professional health and safety body. They are also the only chartered body of health and safety professionals operating today. They are dedicated to establishing practical, sustainable and effective health and safety practices for all workers.

IOSH-Approved Training Courses

There are three main categories of IOSH-approved training:

  1. Leading Safely courses, which focus on teaching those in leadership positions how to create an appropriate culture of health and safety awareness in their organisations
  2. Managing Safely courses, which teach managers, supervisors and those responsible for other workers how to look after their health and safety needs
  3. Working Safely courses, which provide a necessary grounding in safe work habits for employees of any and every level.

A wide range of tailored, non-standard courses have also been developed by different IOSH-approved training organisations to address the needs of specific industries or environments.

Why Should I Take an IOSH-Approved Safety Course?

Without taking at least a basic IOSH-approved safety course and gaining your IOSH Safety Passport or Working Safely Certificate (or an equivalent safety qualification) you would struggle to find a position in the construction industry almost anywhere in the UK today.

For example, once you have taken the IOSH H&S Awareness course and passed the CITB Health, Safety and Environment Operatives Test, you will be eligible for a Green CSCS Card, which can be the first step in a rewarding career in construction.

Furthermore, having one of the leadership or management-focused courses under your belt shows employers that you are ready to take on more responsibility, and have the training necessary to be responsible for other workers safely.

How do I know which IOSH course to take?

The most important factor to consider when choosing an IOSH course is what level of responsibility you can expect in your current position, as well as in any position you would like to move up to in the near future.

IOSH Working Safely

This course is suitable for any employee or worker regardless of status or position. It provides a basic understanding of health and safety at work that will be useful to anyone.

IOSH Managing Safely

This course is much more involved, and gives both current and aspiring managers the understanding of the regulatory framework they need to safely manage their team, as well as practical, hands on experience in applying them.

IOSH Safety for Senior Executives

This course is perfect for those already in senior positions, and those who have set that as the next milestone in their career. It explores not just health and safety, but the legal responsibilities that employers face in ensuring a safe environment for their people.

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