Scaffolding Courses

What is CISRS?

The Construction Industry Scaffolders Record Scheme (CISRS) was formed more than 40 years ago to ensure that those workers and managers who set up, inspect or deal closely with scaffolding systems and similar equipment are both skilled in its use and understand the necessary safety principles to do so without undue risk.

The CISRS Scaffolding Training Programme

Broadly speaking there are three categories of CISRS classes:

  1. COTS Classes – CISRS Operative Training (COTS) must be undertaken by all trainee scaffolders, and maintained throughout their careers.
  2. Scaffolding Certification – This training is more extensive, giving participants a broad understanding of many different scaffolding skills.
  3. SITS – The Scaffolding Inspection Training Scheme gives insight into both the legal requirements and practical skills needed to inspect scaffolding.

Why Should I Take the CISRS Training?

Simply put, you will have a great deal of trouble finding work even as a trainee scaffolding worker without at least COTS training. It is considered the industry standard for basic skill and safety training.

As you move through your career in scaffolding, more advanced CISRS classes will become necessary, both from the point of view of your employability and in order to give you the skills you need to succeed in a more responsible role.

How do I know which CISRS course to take?

Which scaffolding course you take should be determined by the level of your current role, and whether you aspire to move up the hierarchy on the near future.

CISRS Operative Training Scheme (COTS)

This is the most basic level of CISRS certification, and should be taken as part of your introduction to scaffolding work.

CISRS Part 1

The first section of CISRS certification gives you a more thorough grounding in basic scaffolding skills, giving you the ability to work with more kinds of equipment safely and reliably

CISRS Part 2

Part 2 of CISRS certification can only be taken 6 months or more after getting your Part 1 certification. It is more advanced, and necessary before you can claim your Blue (Scaffolder) CISRS Card.

SITS: Scaffolding Inspection Training Scheme

This class will help you understand both the industry standards for scaffolding inspection and the most recent legislation about how inspection must be performed.

Advanced SITS

This course is open to manager and supervisor-level scaffolding inspectors, and focuses both on advances skills and the supervision of others.

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