Affiliate CSCS Cards

There are a range of CSCS affiliate cards, which provide CSCS style accreditation of competence, skill and health and safety awareness for specific UK construction trades. These cards are: The CCDO Card, for Demolition workers The CISRS Card, for scaffolders The ECITB ACE Card, for engineering construction services The EUSR Card, for gas, electricity and […]

CSCS Affiliate Cards: The CCDO Card
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CCDO Cards are the CSCS Card affiliate for the demolition industry. Unlike some other CSCS affiliate Cards, the CCDO Card diverges from the CSCS Card colour scheme somewhat, which can make comparison confusing. While most CSCS Card affiliate schemes are content to follow the CSCS standard of having Red Cards for workers who have enrolled […]

CSCS Affiliate Cards: The ECITB ACE Card
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There are a number of CSCS affiliate Cards: the ECITB ACE Card is one of them. ACE stands for Assuring Competence in Engineering construction. The ECITB ACE Card, like all CSCS affiliate cards, should be treated as a CSCS Card for the construction engineering trades. Like all CSCS Cards, the ECITB ACE Card can only […]

The JIB Card and the CSCS Health and Safety Test
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The JIB Card is the plumber’s equivalent of the CSCS Card. While a plumber could technically hold a CSCS Card of his or her own, that Card will not be eligible to display the educational qualifications required of a skilled plumber. The JIB Card is issued by an affiliate body with an established track record […]