Scaffolding Course

What Scaffolding Course is Best for Me?

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Scaffolding Course

The Construction Industry Scaffolders Record Scheme was created to ensure that anyone working with or around scaffolding or related equipment knows how to work safely at height.

To qualify under this scheme, you must pass the appropriate Scaffolding Course for the card you wish to receive.

There are eight different types of CISRS cards, but only five levels of courses: COTS, CISRS Part 1, CISRS Part 2, Basic Scaffolding Inspection and Advanced Scaffolding Inspection.


  • Most basic scaffolding course, intended for new entrants and operatives
  • Focused primarily on basic skills, and HS&E training
  • Required before a Scaffolding Labourer can receive either a new or replacement CISRS Labourer Card
  • COTS Certification is valid for 5 years

CISRS Part 1

  • More advanced than the COTS scaffolding course
  • Necessary to apply for your Red (Trainee) CISRS Card
  • Focuses on core scaffolding skills
  • Includes both Tube & Fitting and System type scaffolding
  • Includes safety, best practices and compliance components

CISRS Part 2

  • More extensive, 10-day scaffolding course
  • Builds upon CISRS Part 1 training
  • Only available to those who have successfully completed Part 1, and gained a further 6 months of on-site experience
  • Can be used to renew a Red (Trainee) CISRS Card
  • Combines with a Level 2 NVQ and a CISRS Skills Test, it qualifies you for a Blue (Scaffolder) CISRS Card.

Basic Scaffolding Inspection (SITS)

  • The SITS Basic Scaffolding Course is suitable for both new hires and those managers or supervisors who perform scaffolding inspection
  • Focuses on practical scaffolding inspection issues, best practices and compliance
  • Qualifies you for a CISRS Basic Scaffold Inspector card.
  • CITB HS&E test or its equivalent is required before you may take this course.

Advanced Scaffolding Inspection (SITS)

  • The SITS Advanced Scaffolding Course is only suitable for managers, supervisors or highly experienced operatives
  • Either Basic scaffolding Inspection certification or CISRS Advanced Certification for 2+ years, as well as extensive work experience is required
  • Focuses on the most advanced scaffolding construction, safety and compliance issues
  • Qualifies you for the Advanced Scaffold Inspection Card

Essentially, the more experience and higher qualifications you already hold, you will be allowed to take more advanced scaffolding courses which will make you eligible for higher level roles within the industry.