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Which IOSH Training Course Will Help you the Most?

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IOSH Training Courses

The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) sets the standards for health and safety at work in the UK. They also serve to qualify instructors and organisations like ours to offer the IOSH training course to members of the public.

Do I need to take an IOSH training course?

That depends on your career plans. If you hope to qualify for a CSCS card or any similar certification (which you will almost certainly need to work in construction or a related field in the UK), you will need to take an approved health and safety course such as IOSH training courses.

Which IOSH training course do I need?

There are three primary IOSH training courses. Which one you need depends on your current role, or what role you would like to hold in the near future. Each of them is outlined below:

IOSH Working Safely Course

This is the most basic level IOSH safety course, and is appropriate for workers, labourers and operatives who do not supervise other workers, and have no extra safety responsibility on site.

The IOSH Working Safely Course provides an introduction to the principles of workplace health and safety, and helps workers develop good safety habits. It helps you identify common hazards and dangerous situations, and shows you what to do to avoid or minimise injury when they occur.

It addresses how to be safe around heavy machinery, electricity, excessive noise, chemicals and fire. The course also goes over the use of PPE (personal protection equipment) and manual handling procedures.

IOSH Managing Safely Course

This IOSH training course is intended for managers, supervisors and those who are directly responsible for others on the worksite.

In addition to the basic safety instruction covered in the Working Safely course above, attendees will gain competency in setting and enforcing health and safety policy. They will be given an understanding of the framework of laws and regulations that apply to the construction and related industries, and how to ensure that their workers are in compliance with those rules, standards and regulations.

The Managing Safely course also addresses risk assessment and auditing, incident investigation and reporting, and environmental protection.

IOSH Safety for Senior Executives Course

This is the highest level IOSH training course we offer. It is a single day course, and omits the basic working safety training of the earlier courses, assuming that senior executives will not be spending a great deal of time ‘down in the trenches’. It assumes a great deal of management experience on the part of attendees, and this will be required to get the most from this course.

The course instead focuses on the unique H&S responsibilities that executives face, and an understanding of the laws and regulations that their organisations must comply with. The course also touches on integrating H&S and business goals and the use of H&S management systems.