Construction Apprenticeships: How They Can Help You

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construction apprenticeshipApprenticeships are proven to be one of the most effective ways to teach new skills and and offer great benefits for both student and teacher. Apprentices learn theory in college while gaining on-site experience in the workplace to ensure a thorough understanding of their field. This means apprenticeships don’t graduate with great theoretical knowledge and poor practical skills, nor does a lack of theoretical know-how hold them back. Apprenticeships are the only way to guarantee that students get full, comprehensive training that prepares them for the real working world that they are about to enter into.

Benefits of apprenticeship

There are many reasons to become a construction apprentice. The obvious one is self-improvement; as an apprentice, you’ll spend every day learning the ins and outs of a skilled trade and you’ll be taught by experts in the field, both in and out of the classroom. If you’re keen to one day master your subject, an apprenticeship is the best place to begin because you’ll be taught right from the start how to excel in construction.

Construction is also a booming business and workers with qualifications in related skills are highly sought-after across the country. If you’re looking for a qualification you can really use, a construction apprenticeship should be high on your list.

Earn while you learn

earn while learnUnlike other routes through education, an apprenticeship won’t break the bank. In fact, you’ll get paid for the work you do. Most people aren’t so lucky as to get paid while they gain qualifications, but apprentices are an one of the exceptions. The rate of pay is lower than it will be for fully-qualified workers, but it’s certainly a start.

After completing the apprenticeship, many apprentices will be given the opportunity to continue working for the same employer at a full rate of pay; this means that, on top of the initial bonus of being paid to learn, apprentices also have a very good chance of being employed immediately upon completing their qualification.

How an apprenticeship can boost your career

Apprenticeships don’t just help you earn money now; workers who have completed apprenticeships in construction are more likely to have higher salaries later in their careers than those who haven’t. They also get better job opportunities and are offered promotions more frequently. This is both a testament to the level of respect given to apprenticeships by employers, as well as the high quality of workers who graduate from apprenticeships with transferable skills and proven knowledge.

Apprenticeships – proven training to secure your future

It’s no surprise that apprenticeships have been used for hundreds of years and still remain popular. They are the only way to learn both practical skills and technical knowledge at the same time and one of the most affordable methods of learning that exists.

apprenticeship construction Completing an apprenticeship in construction won’t just get you another qualification you will need a Construction NVQ for that. It will secure your future for life and give you plenty of transferable, real-world skills in the process. You’ll also rub shoulders with masters of the craft and make lots of new friends while doing so.