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IOSH Managing Safely Exam

The Managing Safely Exam is designed to test your knowledge on worksite safety, and how to manage your team in a way that keeps them safe, and encourages them to develop their own competency with workplace safety issues. You typically don’t need to prepare for the test by looking up IOSH Managing Safely Exam Questions beforehand, as the information you need is all presented in the class immediately before the test.

This exam is part of the IOSH Managing Safely training course. The course teaches you everything you will need to know to pass the exam, and you shouldn’t need any extra training or special materials. Many people feel nervous about their ability to answer the questions, and seek out sample IOSH Managing Safely Exam Questions online or other resources to help prepare them for the test.

Where can I find IOSH Managing Safely Exam Questions?

The thing is, the exam questions are not posted online. Not even ‘sample’ questions are available that way. The entire point of the exam is to assess your actual ability to keep those you supervise on the worksite safe. We (and IOSH) would prefer you to develop your overall ability, rather than ‘cramming’ to answer a few specific exam questions.

How can I study for the IOSH Managing Safely Exam then?

You honestly don’t need to revise with IOSH Managing Safely Exam Questions. We offer a full course which does much more than prepare you to take the exam. It really does ensure that you have all of the training and skills you’ll need to manage a team safely and effectively on the worksite, and help them to develop their own safety competencies and good safety habits.

Our preparatory course is provided in a classroom setting over the course of 3 to 4 days. It makes sure the managers and supervisors who attend learn both about the legal safety requirements and related legislation. It also extends attendees’ practical awareness of workplace safety challenges, and how to spot (and remedy) bad safety habits on their teams.

You will learn or perfect skills such as assessing workplace risks and mitigating hazards, understanding the safety duties and responsibilities of everyone on the site, how to record and investigate accidents, injuries and other incidents, and even how to measure (and improve) your team’s safety performance.

To learn more about the course, or to sign up for both the course and the IOSH exam itself, just click here.

I plan to take the IOSH Managing Safety course, but I’d really like some extra resources.

That is admirable, and it certainly never hurts to learn more about worksite safety and how to encourage safe practices in your team or co-workers. We’ve included a few links here where you can find extra information about the IOSH exam itself, the aims and standards of the course, and worksite safety in general.

However, neither actual or practice IOSH Managing Safely exam questions are published either online or in print.

IOSH has even provided a short video highlighting a few main points from the course, embedded below: