NARIC: Your Qualifications from Outside the UK

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naric qualificationsSometimes it can be difficult to know how overseas qualifications compare to those obtained in the UK and to know whether your qualifications are good enough for the role you’d like in the UK. UK NARIC is an organisation responsible for giving information and advice about qualifications and skills to workers from overseas. UK NARIC will compare foreign workers’ qualifications to the UK qualification framework and draw up officially-recognised documents to help potential employers understand the qualifications that they’re presented with.

Officially recognised UK NARIC documents

UK NARIC can provide two officially-recognised documents. The first is a Statement of Comparability, which will include information about the standards of your qualifications in comparison to UK qualifications. The second is a Career Path Report, which will describe in great detail one of your qualifications, as well as the education system you studied it in.

This goes for qualifications earned in many different kinds of institutions, including colleges, schools and more. Both of these documents will help UK nationals to understand the level of your qualifications.

UK NARIC – helping overseas workers to find work

The services provided by UK NARIC are designed to assist overseas workers when applying for jobs and courses in the UK, many of which will ask for qualifications that overseas applicants will not have had the opportunity to study for.

uk naricBoth the Statement of Comparability and the Career Path Report can be presented to employers alongside a CV or application form as confirmation of qualifications and as proof of their recognition within the UK. This allows potential employers and education institutions to make informed decisions about their applicants, whether from home or overseas.

UK NARIC Application process

Applying to UK NARIC is simple, but it will require a few documents and a small fee. UK NARIC will usually require a photocopy of your certificates and final transcripts, a covering letter stating the purpose of enquiry, a translation of the certificate into English if necessary and envelopes for return delivery. The Statement of Comparability will usually take around 15 working days to be produced, though this does not include delivery time. Getting your qualifications reviewed and assessed by UK NARIC doesn’t take long, but it could make a huge difference to your whole career in the UK.

Avoid exam re-sits with UK NARIC

overseas qualificationsWith the help of UK NARIC, you needn’t feel that having overseas qualifications is a burden; they can mean just as much to employers as UK qualifications. This means that workers don’t need to re-sit or retake UK equivalent qualifications upon entering the UK, saving them time and money, as well as providing the necessary career boost.

Careers in construction in the UK often require qualifications such as Construction NVQ but overseas applicants needn’t feel intimidated by these, provided that they have the relevant overseas equivalent to NVQs.