City and Guilds Courses for Construction Workers

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city guilds courses construction workers City and Guilds qualifications available to construction workers range from basic site skills to highly advanced courses designed to develop careers in specific trades and areas. Some courses are designed purely to develop skills in a recognisable way while others  serve as  technical certification for the relevant Construction NVQs.

Basic City and Guilds Construction Courses

The City and Guilds qualification in Basic Construction Skills gives participants the skills they need to do entry level jobs on UK building sites.

A basic City and Guilds construction course provides an overview which enables newcomers to the industry to find out whether a career in construction is right for them.

If you already have a career path mapped out you can take a basic City and Guilds Certificate in a specific area of construction: for example bricklaying, carpentry or plastering. Otherwise you can complete an overall City and Guilds course in general basic skills. In some cases you can take more than one City and Guilds basic course. For  instance if you are intending to work in joinery,  you might choose to do both the basic joinery course and a basic woodworking course.

Intermediate City and Guilds Certificates

itermediate city guilds certificateConstruction workers with existing experience may benefit from obtaining an intermediate City and Guilds Certificate in construction skills. The intermediate City and Guilds courses build on knowledge achieved in basic courses or introduce new areas of competence not suitable for less skilled workers.

A basic City and Guilds certificate is generally equivalent to the Construction NVQ at Level 1, while an intermediate certificate equates to Level 2. There are also advanced certificates, which are equal to the Construction NVQ Level 3.

The City and Guilds Construction Award

Some Construction NVQs require paper evidence – known as a “technical certificate”. The City and Guilds Construction Award is there to provide a technical certificate for any Construction NVQ for which it is required.

The Construction Award starts at Foundation Level. A Foundation Construction Award does not provide certification for any Construction NVQ but it does form the basis for achieving higher levels of Construction Award. Both Intermediate and Advanced Construction Awards have the potential to provide technical certificates for Construction NVQs as noted above.

Maintenance Qualifications

In addition to skills based qualifications, City and Guilds also supply maintenance qualifications for appropriate trades and construction roles. The maintenance qualification, which follows the same route as skills based City and Guilds certificates, is there to qualify the holder in the maintenance of industry machinery.

Advanced Vocational City and Guilds

vocational city guildsSome advanced City and Guilds Certificates are expressly designed to increase your chances of landing a job in the industry sector of your choice – or to enhance your expertise in a specific area so it falls in line with the requirements of a given industry segment.

The City and Guilds Certificate in Engineering Construction, for example, paves the way for the holder to start working on large design projects including stadia and bridges.