Most Asked Questions About On Site Assessment

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site assessmentThe Construction NVQ is assessed on site as much as possible, to ensure that candidates are able to “earn while they learn” – in other words to carry on doing their job while they gain the qualification they need to possess the CSCS Card relevant to their trade and  role within it.

Different Colours of CSCS Card and different roles require different Construction NVQ Levels. There are questions common to all Levels of On Site Assessment though, which we have reproduced here.

What is a Construction NVQ?

what is nvqThe “NVQ” in Construction NVQ stands for “National Vocational Qualification.” It’s a way of measuring your skills as you do your job – hence the name and hence the need for on site assessment. You will be awarded Units by your Assessor as you work. When you have enough Units to pass the Modules you are enrolled in, you’ll get your NVQ.

Why Do I Need a Construction NVQ?

construction nvqThere are two reasons for getting a Construction NVQ:
•  to show your current skill in your role and demonstrate your commitment to developing your skills further which will open up more job opportunities for you
• to make sure you are awarded the correct CSCS Card.

Without a CSCS Card showing you have achieved the recommended NVQ Level, you won’t get the job you want on major construction sites, which only employ staff who hold appropriate CSCS cards.

How Do I Know What Level Construction NVQ I Should Apply For?

Normally your employer will tell you what Construction NVQ Level you need.

What Qualifications Does My On Site Assessor Have?

qualification nvqAll Construction NVQ On Site Assessors must have a minimum qualification equal to the NVQ Level you are studying for. That means you will always be assessed by a person competent to do so. In actual fact most Construction NVQ Assessors will be very highly qualified and will either hold or be working towards an additional Assessor’s qualification.

How Long Will My Construction NVQ On Site Assessment Take?

how long site assessmentThe length of time it takes to gain a Construction NVQ depends largely on the NVQ level you are working towards. The assessment for a Level 2 Construction NVQ is usually completed in less than a day, for Levels 3 and above assessment takes longer as there are more units to be covered. In total a Level 2 Construction NVQ is normally completed in less than a week and Level 3 and above takes between 1 and 3 weeks.

What Happens If I Fail?

It is not possible to fail the Construction NVQ. You will continue to be assessed in your workplace until your Assessor deems you that you have achieved the skills required.

Do I Have to Go to College?

construction nvq collegeNot usually, the Construction NVQ is designed to assess you in your place of work. There is some paperwork to do – a portfolio detailing your current skills and achievements. This is usually completed in your own time, outside of working hours.

Will On Site Assessment Prevent Me From Doing My Job?

Absolutely not. In fact, obtaining  a Construction NVQ will make you able to do your job better.